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Satori Karate is based on the traditional Shukokai Style, its effectiveness is derived from an open mind approach, utilising concepts from other arts such as Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. Satori Karate is a dynamic Martial Art which combines traditional values of respect and discipline with modern teaching methods. The result is a style which offers the individual the ultimate in personal development as well as self defense and unarmed combat. Satori Karate is suitable for men and women of all ages because of its emphasis on effective technique as opposed to brute strength.
Satori is a member of the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) and Satori International (KOI). The AKF is the National Federation recognized by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). All Satori Instructors have Level 1 or higher National Coaching Accreditations, Certification / Diplomas in Sport Coaching, working with children checks and Level 2 first aid, as per the ASC guidelines.
The Senior Instructor at  Mt Eliza Dojos is Sensei Adam Minster. Sensei Adam has over 20 years Karate training and has competed at state, national & internationals levels. Sensei Adam trained in Europe with World Champions and World Referees. In addition Sensei Adam holds a Diploma in Sport Coaching and Sport Development, Cert III in Sport & Recreation and Fitness. Sensei Adam is a World Level Referee through the World Karate Federation and former State Coach. Sensei Adam teaches and oversees the progress of the Karate classes assisted by Sempai Chris Sheedy, Sempai Tegan Errey, Sempai Cameron Bradley and Sempai Luka Kunic Sempai Vanessa Carbis, Sempai Alison Bearup and Sempai Josh Glover.
Satori has one of the most innovative and effective junior programs available today. Using the latest and most effective coaching methods combined with traditional martial arts concepts, Satori guarantees excellent results. Utilising a game sense approach to coaching, children are introduced to the fascinating world of martial arts training. The aim is to develop skills essential for children to reach their full potential in life. At Satori, children are introduced to specialised training programs designed to challenge and build confidence tailored to each age group. Using the Satori instruction manual, students maintain enthusiasm and are motivated by clear training objectives, making classes both fun and rewarding.
Many Martial Arts specialise in one area of physical development, for example Taekwondo – kicking and Judo – throwing. Karate is well balanced as it involves all aspects of training including punching, kicking, blocking, throwing and grappling. It is an excellent all round activity for any age. It will not only increase your strength, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination but also improve your concentration, self discipline and confidence.
The Satori Karate Dojo has various affiliations both in Australia and overseas and seminars are regularly available to students to broaden their knowledge. For those interested in competition you have the opportunity to attend numerous tournaments as well as represent Australia at international competitions. We have also an active Social Club which organises monthly social events. For Adults this includes BBQ’s, dinners and camps. For juniors there are parties, demonstrations, video nights and camps.
Try our 5 classes Special!! Why not bring a friend? All new students are entitled to two free classes. We feel confident that you will come back for more. Just wear comfortable clothing and you will be ready to give it a go.